Norfolk Island. Cape York. Tonga. Torres Strait. Kiribati.

Our team has an old saying we’re proud of: “If it’s hard to get to, we’ll be there”. 


Our difference

Delivering high-quality residential and light commercial projects in remote locations is one of our specialities. We’ve been exceeding expectations in challenging locations since 2007?
We’re a small family business, so no matter where we work our name and our reputation mean everything. Our core values of trust, reliability and integrity are key tenets of every project.  


Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our team, our clients and the communities in which we work in remains central to our operations. Our commitment to staff training, systems and compliance with national standards reflects the strong safety record we’re proud of. We stay up to date with the industry’s latest workplace and health regulations and take a proactive approach to maintain safety on every site we work on.


We’re fortunate enough to work in some of the most pristine landscapes in the world, from the rainforests of Cape York to islands in the Pacific Ocean. Maintaining vigilant environmental standards and carefully managing the sites in which we work is a responsibility we take very seriously. We ensure environmental protection practices are incorporated in the project planning stage and avoid and minimise any immediate and ongoing impacts on the surrounding natural environment.


At James Construction Queensland, we value the partnerships we develop with our clients. So, on every project large and small, we pursue quality craftmanship to ensure those partnerships remain long after the job is completed. This commitment to excellence is embedded in our company’s DNA. By maintaining strict national compliance standards and quality assurance systems, we strive to deliver beyond our client’s expectations every time.


We’ve been working across a diverse range of locations and cultures for a long time, and we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with communities. As a small family business, we understand the importance of supporting other small businesses and suppliers. We work with like-minded, local businesses where possible to get the best results for our clients. We also understand the importance of fostering future generations of tradespeople by employing school-based trainees.